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About Jenkov Aps

Jenkov Aps is a tech company engaged in a variety of different projects in the tech and media space.


We tend to select projects that are related to entrepreneurship, one way or another. Our projects are either an entrepreneurial project in itself, or it helps other people's entrepreneurial projects.

For us, an entrepreneur is a person that turns ideas into reality. Entrepreneurship is thus the process of turning ideas into reality. Entrepreneurship can be both commercial and non-commercial, and full time or part time, even hobby projects. Both commercial, non-commercial, full time, part time and even hobby projects have to deal with many of the same challenges.

We believe entrepreneurial activity should a positive impact on the world. Too many startups today are focused on earning a quick buck. In doing so they often end up using shady tactics. Unethical products or terms of service, bad customer service, unethical marketing techniques etc. Resist that urge. Be a positive agent of change.

Today, most entrepreneurial projects make use of some kind of technology. This can be anything from general purpose technologies like websites, collaboration and productivity tools, data science tools, cloud platforms, to highly specialized tools relevant only to the given type of project.

We tend to be more interested in the general purpose tools, as they can help a wider variety of projects and people. Especially data science tools, cloud tools / platforms and collaboration / productivity tools.

Data Science and Data Driven Business

We also have an affinity for data science, data driven business, data driven decision making etc. Without data you are wondering in the dark - which often leads to false theories about your business, organization, team, customers etc.

The world is full of false theories - with no data to back them up. Backing up a theory with data is as important in business as it is in science. Data is much better than opinions. Even for governments, NGOs, non-profits or departments / teams within bigger organizations, knowing your data is key to making good decisions. Be data driven. We are.

Other Areas

Of course, we might engage in projects outside these areas from time to time. For instance, in open source projects that help software development in general, or small niche projects which we find interesting. It doesn't all have to be about entrepreneurship - though a lot of it will be.

Contact Jenkov Aps

Because our work force is structured around remote workers, we may not always be "at the office". Therefore, the best way to contact us is electronically (email, social media etc.).

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