AWS Core Technologies

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2023-05-05

AWS has hundreds of services, several toolkits and thousands of features within and between these services and toolkits. Thus, when starting out on your AWS journey it can be a bit overwhelming, and hard to know what services and features to start learning first. In this article I give my view on what AWS services and features that are core technologies - which I believe it can be useful to learn first, when starting to learn AWS.

AWS Core Technologies - Level 1

The following AWS technologies I would recommend you learn first - when starting out with AWS. They are quite commonly used, and are often used in combination with other AWS technologies. For instance, you may access a database via the AWS SDK, or store files in S3 which are used by other services, or other services may write data to S3, or write log statements to CloudWatch etc.

  • Interaction Mechanisms:
    • AWS Console (web interface)
    • AWS CLI (command line interface)
    • AWS SDK (software development kit)
  • Infrastructure as code:
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit)
  • CI / CD Tools:
    • AWS CodeCommit
    • AWS CodePipeline
    • AWS CodeBuild
    • AWS CodeDeploy
  • Core Services:
    • AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service)
    • AWS Lambda (Functions as a Service)
    • AWS API Gateway (REST APIs for AWS services - such as Lambdas)
    • AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
    • AWS EC2 (Virtual Machines)
    • AWS CloudWatch (Log Storage and Monitoring)

AWS Core Technologies - Level 2

The following AWS technologies I would recommend you acquaint yourself with, once you are familiar with the Level 1 AWS technologies listed in the previous section.

  • Often Used Services:
    • AWS RDS (Relational Database Service)
    • AWS DynamoDB (NoSQL database)
    • AWS Route 53 (Domain Name Service - DNS)
    • AWS CloudFront (Content Delivery Network - CDN)
    • AWS Elastic Load Balancing - ELB
    • AWS Key Management Service - KMS (for enabling encryption)
    • AWS Parameter Store
    • AWS Secrets Manager
  • Jakob Jenkov

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