Java's java.sql.Date

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2014-06-23

Java's java.sql.Date class is used in the JDBC API. If you need to set a date on a java.sql.PreparedStatement or get a date from a java.sql.ResultSet, you will interact with java.sql.Date.

Actually, java.sql.Date extends java.util.Date, so anything you can do with a java.util.Date you can also do with a java.sql.Date. Check out java.util.Date for more details.

Here is how to instantiate a java.sql.Date

long time = System.currentTimeMillis();
java.sql.Date date = new java.sql.Date(time);

The biggest difference between java.sql.Date and java.util.Date is that the java.sql.Date only keeps the date, not the time, of the date it represents. So, for instance, if you create a java.sql.Date using the date and time 2009-12-24 23:20, then the time (23:20) would be cut off. If you need to keep the time, use a java.sql.Timestamp instead.

Jakob Jenkov

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