Boon - Installation

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2015-06-09

You can use the Boon JSON parser by including the Boon JAR file in your Java application. You can do so either by adding Boon as Maven dependency to your Java application, or by downloading the Boon JAR from the central Maven repository and include it manually in the classpath of your Java application.

Boon as Maven Dependency

Boon can be included as a Maven dependency in your project using the following Maven dependency configuration:


Make sure you use the right version number.

Downloading The Boon JAR File

If you do not use Maven, Gradle or Ant/IVY for your project, and you want to use Boon, you need to download the Boon JAR file from the central Maven repository. Go to:

Search for "boon". Choose the io.fastjson boon artifact, and make sure you choose the Boon version you want to use. Download the JAR file and include it in the classpath for your Java application.

Jakob Jenkov

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