Java Persistence

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2024-02-06

This trail on Java Persistence contains texts about persistence techniques like DAO's, ORM's, transaction demarcation, etc. It does not contain basic JDBC information. For a basic JDBC tutorial see my JDBC Tutorial.

This tutorial does also not cover the Java Persistence API - JPA. While the word "persistence" is part of Java Persistence API, JPA is not the only way to do persistence in Java. In many ways I prefer to use the JDBC API over JPA - because it gives me a higher degree of control over exactly how the interaction with the database is done. The price to pay for that control is, of course, that I have to write more code myself. But - a lot of the boilerplate JDBC code can be hidden away in reusable libraries, so I don't feel it's too big of an issue.

For a full list of the topics covered in this tutorial, see the list of articles at the top left of this page. This list is repeated on all pages in this trail.

Jakob Jenkov

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Java Persistence
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