Data Streaming Products

Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2019-01-12

There are many different data streaming products, and it can be hard to know where to start studying them, and which products do what etc. Therefore I will give an overview of some of the popular data streaming products in this tutorial.

Data streaming products fall into a few basic categories. These categories are:

  • Data Streaming Services
  • Data Stream Processing Tools

Data streaming services are the types of services that can store data sequentially to form a stream. Data is written to a data streaming service by a data producer. Once stored, the data can be read by data consumers.

Data stream processing tools are APIs, applications and services which can read data from a data streaming service, and analyze, or help you analyze, the data.

Several data streaming products contain both tools for storing and accessing the stream data, and for analyzing it too. I have listed the most commonly known products and its overall features in the table below. I apologize if my categorization is not 100% correct. Products do change over time! If you find a wrong categorization, please notify me (e.g. via email, LinkedIn or Twitter).

ProductStream StorageStream Processing
Apache SparkYesYes
Apache KafkaYesYes
Confluent KafkaYesYes
Amazon KinesisYesNo
Akka StreamsYesYes
Apache FlinkYesYes
Apache PulsarYesNo
Apache Kafka Consumer / Producer APIPart of KafkaYes
Apache Kafka StreamsPart of KafkaYes
Apache StormNoYes
Apache SamzaNoYes

Jakob Jenkov

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