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Jakob Jenkov
Last update: 2015-03-18

From time to time I get asked about what books and articles I have read before writing this Java concurrency tutorial. Concurrency is tricky so people often like to be able to double check my writing against other sources. Therefore I have collected this list of references of concurrency related books and articles that I have used in the writing of this Java concurrency tutorial.


Java Concurrency in Practice
This is the newest book on Java concurrency. It is from 2006 so it is a bit dated in some ways. For instance, it does not cover asynchronous architectures much (which are getting popular now in 2015). It is a decent book on Java concurrency. By far the best book on the java.util.concurrent package in Java 5 and forward.

Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks
This book is newer (from 2014) and covers different concurrency models - not just the traditional Threads, Shared Memory and Locks model.

Concurrent Programming in Java - 1st + 2nd Ed. This book (in two editions) was a good primer on Java concurrency back in the day. The book is from 1999, so a lot has happened in Java and with concurrency models since then.

Taming Java Threads
This was also a good primer on Java threading back in the day. The book is from 2000, so like with Doug Lea's book, a lot has changed since.

Java Threads
A decent book on Java threading from 2004. Most of the material in this book is covered in other books though, so I didn't read it too closely.

Good article on non-blocking concurrency algorithms (from 1991).

Other Resources
The LMAX Disrupter concurrent data structure (a single reader, single writer queue-like structure with high concurrency).

Jakob Jenkov

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